Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

We aim to ensure that the curriculum taught at Wendron C of E Primary School is not only broad and balanced, but most importantly engages and inspires our children to learn.

Our curriculum is based on Cornerstones Curriculum 22. This ensures we have coverage and progression so that children build knowledge and skills in order to enable them to know more and remember more. Teachers have chosen projects that will engage learners. The curriculum is designed around ‘big ideas’ these are a series of overarching, broad concepts and themes that help to establish and articulate the purpose of the curriculum. Having big ideas in your curriculum also gives children a broader, more global context for their learning.


Our curriculum will be taught through a pedagogy that:

• excites, promotes and sustains children’s interest

• promotes problem solving, creativity and communication

• enables and fosters children’s natural curiosity

Big ideas

Humankind -Understanding what it means to be human and how human behaviour has shaped the world. Processes - Understanding the many dynamic and physical processes that shape the world.

Creativity - Understanding the creative process and how every day and exceptional creativity can shape the world.

Investigation - Understanding the importance of investigation and how this has led to significant change in the world.

Materials - Understanding the properties of all matter, living and non-living.

Nature - Understanding the complexities of the plant and animal species that inhabit the world.

Place and space - Understanding the visual, cultural, social, and environmental aspects of places around the world.

Comparison - Understanding how and why things are the same or different.

Significance - Understanding why significant people, places, events and inventions matter and how they have shaped the world.

Change =- Understanding why and how things have changed over time.

General principles

Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning

• see clear links between different aspects of their learning

• learn within a coherent and progressive framework


Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to:

• reflect and think mindfully about their learning

• develop self-esteem and confidence in their abilities

• learn how to respect themselves and others

Implementation of Curriculum

The new curriculum has been introduced at the start of this term. Teachers are using it to plan from. A planning proforma has been introduced and a format for medium term planning as shown below: