Year 4 Pupils at Swanpool 2017

26th April 2017
Year Four Pupils at Swanpool 2017
Again this year the Year Four pupils have had a chance to experience Coasteering, Raft Building, Paddle Boarding with Elemental UK at Swanpool funded by additional Sports money that the school was able to access.
These activities help to build the children's confidence, ensures that they remember that team work does really work, as well as ensuring our children understand the dangers of the sea. Elemental take them on the over the rocks and show them how to safely navigate their way back to the beach. Living so close to the sea hopefully these skills will remain with the children into their adult life.
Over the last few years that we have participated in this activity the staff have seen enormous self confidence build in children who would have previously been nervous in new and challenging situations.
As you can see from the photographs the children seem to be enjoying these new experiences.
As with all these extra curricular activities it would not be possible without the staff driving the minibus, support staff assisting, and also the parents who give up their spare time to ensure that we have enough adult to children ratios. Thank you one and all