Year 3 Pupils Horse Riding

1st March 2017
As part of the School's use of the Sports Initiative money the Year 3 pupils have been able to experience Horse Riding as a sport. They have had five weekly sessions at Newton Riding Stables at Mullion, where they have learnt to mount a horse, walk with the horse whilst being led, and then progressing onto a trot in the indoor arena. Those who are already experienced riders, were able to show us their skills in manoeuvring their pony without any one leading them.
The children were shown how to clean a horses hoof, which is an important job to keep a horse healthy. The ladies at the stables explained the importance of not walking behind the horses, how to brush them (groom), as well as telling them correct terminology for parts of the horse, equipment used and the processes for cleaning/looking after the horses.
The children were put in charge of cleaning the tack (saddles and bridles). I bet if you asked them to clean their boots they wouldn't be so keen, but they all thoroughly enjoyed their experience.