Trevithick Visit to Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro

11th November 2015
Trevithick - visit to Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
Wednesday 11th November 2015
The whole of Trevithick class (Years 5/6), went to the Royal Cornwall Museum at Truro to take part in a workshop run by the Museum staff about the Ancient Greeks. The class was split into two manageable groups, were one group had a a session making clay plaques to represent the shape of pots that the Greeks would have used, and then decorated them with designs that have been found on pots from that era.
Whilst this groups were working with the clay, the other group were given a talk by the museum staff, and allowed to handle some ancient pots to give the children an idea of how heavy and large the pots would have been. They also had to do a little quiz to see if they could guess what the different shapes of pots would be used for i.e. wine, oil etc.. Both groups had a chance of working with the clay and received the talk.
It was a very informative day - ask your child if they attended what they remember?
After having their lunch the children were split into smaller groups and were able to have a look around the rest of the Museum.