Police Dog Handler September 2017

28th September 2017
Yesterday Police Dog Handler Scott visited the school with Maximus (Max) the police dog, as part of Lander and Grylls classes topic of "People who help us".
The whole school were able to hear about the types of work that Max the Police Dog performs. All the children that wanted to stroke Max were able to. Due to the inclement weather, most children stayed inside to watch Max at work, although most of the older children put their coats on and went outside to see him in action.
Jacob was given the task of hiding an object (a wallet), whilst Scott and Max where out of sight. Max was then given a cloth to smell that Jacob had wiped his hands in, Max then went off around the school field and retrieved the object.
Police Officer James Little came to assist Scott and Max in demonstrating how Max would restrain a criminal. James wore a huge padded glove that went up to his shoulder so that he would be protected from Max biting whilst holding onto him, as the criminal.
The conversations that parents have had with their children after this visit by Scott and Max has proved how enthralled all the children were.