Kingfisher Project Presentation

1st July 2015
Trengrouse Presentation
As part of the Kingfisher Project the children were required to do a presentation of their work showing their understanding of the habitats and the management of land and wildlife conservation.
The presentation afternoon included a lovely picnic in the sunshine in the walled garden at the Stables, on the Penrose Estate on Tuesday 8th July 2015.
The organisers FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West) also provided other activites for the children whilst they were waiting for the judging to take place which included apple bobbing, climbing trees and a model cow that the children could have a go at milking!
The children were able to make their own Mondola's using natural resources to make a picture which is circular and are made in a relaxed way to represent spiritual and global awareness using natural tiny elements of Cornwall that can be found around us.
Mrs Coleman has reported that the judges were very impressed on how well the children spoke about their presentation.
The Kingfisher Award for this year went to Godolphin Primary School.