Kingfisher Project

1st June 2015
Trengrouse visit Penventon Farm as part of the Kingfisher Project
Children from Trengrouse Class visited Penventon Farm on Wednesday 10th June 2015 as part of the Kingfisher Project run to enable children to see how the Wallis family farm in sympathy with the landscape and the natural habitats under their stewardship.
The children were able to discover that the milking cows live in harmony with a wide diversity of wildlife. They studied the grazing cows in the pasture whilst listening for the Skylarks.
The children saw swallows nesting in farm buildings and found out about the habitat and where they would get their food. They were also able to find grubs and beetles which the Woodpeckers needed, as well as discovering how many different creatures could be found in Penrose Woods.