Sponsored Walk

20th July 2015
Sponsored Walk
Children and Staff, with some volunteer helpers put their walking boots on yesterday and completed the Sponsored Walk from Helston Amenity Area car park through Penrose Walks. We all walked to the Stables where a snack and toilet break was taken. Along the route there are some exercise equipment which many of the children had a go at. Everyone then proceeded to the Looe Pool beach where they all enjoyed their picnic lunch, and some games were played.
KS1 children then retraced their steps back to the Stables and the Porthleven car park where they were transported by school minibus back to school.
KS2 children continued their walk across the Looe Pool beach and followed the circular walk around the pool, alongisde Carminow Creek, past Lower Pentire, through Degibna Woods continuing long past Wheal Pool mine ruins and back to the car park. They completed this part of the walk in really good time, so were able to walk to Coronation Park and enjoy some time in the play area.
It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves, chatting to other groups members along the way, and although exhausted most still had a smile on their face.
Well done to everyone who took part, and thank you all for supporting with sponsorship which will go towards the cost of the Solar Panels being erected at school.