Huddersfield Visit

1st October 2015
Huddersfield Experience
Two of the schools pupils, Felicity Biddick and James Belshaw took part in a Cultural Visit organised by a staff member at Helston Community College with teaching staff at Royd Hall School in Huddersfield.
The pupils from Huddersfield came to Helston for a five day visit which included a lovely country walk through Penrose walks which just had to include a pasty lunch at the Stables with the walk continuing onto Porthleven where they enjoyed Ice Creams at Porthleven Harbour. A day learning to surf, as well as visits to Parc Eglos Primary and Helston Community College to experience the differences in size of school etc. They all enjoyed experiencing a BBQ with games as well as a lovely evening meal.
James and Felicity a few weeks later, travelled by train to Huddersfield with the Helston group of pupils, escorted by Helston Community College, Parc Eglos staff and Mrs Biddick. On their journey they experienced having to change trains, travelling on tubes, trams etc. Whilst in Huddersfield they visited schools, mosques, museums and had an enjoyable evening at an Indian Restaurant, as well as camping out in a large Scout camp complex where they took part in team games.
On their return to school, they showed the rest of Wendron School a slideshow of their experiences and told of the different cultures in Huddersfield.