Gymnastics KS1 January 2018

11th January 2018
Pupils from KS1 attended a Gymnastics Competition at Mullion Gym on Thursday 11th January 2018.
  All of the pupils had put themselves forward to attending by previously have a trial session at school.
  There was one team of pupils that attend a Gymnastics Club on a regular basis, the second team was a girl group, and the third team a boy group.
  The boys team, Connor, Cory, Joel and Tom came back to school proudly showing everyone their medals for coming third and the girls, Elodie, Izzy, Merryn P and Millie who regularly attend a Gymnastics Club came back with medals for coming second. A very well done to all of those that took part.
  Mrs Eyres, Miss Hatfield and Mr Penberthy all commented on how proud they were of all the pupils who took part, for their behaviour and how supportive they were of the other group members, all watching each other whilst waiting for their turn.