Gymnastics Competition at Mullion Gymnastics Club

1st November 2015
Gymnastics Competition
9th November 2015Children from Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 took part in the recent Gymnastics Competition held at Mullion Gymnastics Club.
The children were put into groups with one group  being judged on a floorwork routine practiced in school but with a group leader doing it with them. They all had to wait pratiently for their turn.
The groups then alternated around the activities which were:-
1. jumping onto a trampet and off onto a mat
2. travelling along a long trampoline in a variety of ways i.e. jumps, forward rolls etc.
3. jumping onto a box and off.
Whilst waiting for the results, all the children had turns at jumping into a big pit of foam shapes - which everyone really enjoyed.
Results: Isabel Bayliss 2nd in non-club individual; Yr5/6 Club Team - 3rd; Rachael Henwood - Special medal for determination and effort.