Ducklings hatching in Lander class

22nd May 2017
Pupils and staff alike have been patiently awaiting the hatching of the duck eggs in Lander class this half term.
The children have been sharing the responsibility with the staff ensuring that there was enough water for the humidity in the incubator to be correct.
They have been avidly counting down the days on the egg hatching sheets watching the changes that occur during the incubation, the eggs moving, cracking and the ducklings making their way out of the eggs.
The children have also been learning about what food the ducklings require, how they have an egg tooth to break through the membrane and shell to get out.
The ducklings have then been put in a safe, warm cage to continue their growing, so that the children can watch their progress. Hopefully they will be kept in school until the end of the summer term, when they will be rehomed.