Bell Boating at Swanpool

17th May 2016
The year four children from Trengrouse class enjoyed their last week of watersports at Swanpool, on Bell boats. The description that aome of the children gave "They are like two canoes attached by some white board in the middle, that can go over waves really well"
The children said that they visited the dragon cave and did some coasteering whilst over by the cave. They were allowed to "belly flop" gently off the bell boats into the water. They said that this was fun as the bouyancy aids kept them afloat.
The children explained that to get the boat into the water they had to work as a team carrying the boat to the water, then when they were sat on the boat, that they had to work as a team on each side with the paddles or they would end up going around in circles.
The children have gained so much from these experiences.